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05.07. - 30.08.2016

Tango Pasión - Argentinian Sounds at Charlottenburg Palace

Inspired by his first love, the jazz music, Astor Piazzolla reinvented the classical Argentine Tango by adding the melodic breaks of jazz. The result was a Tango, which wasn’t danceable in the traditional sense any longer, but rather invites to enjoyable listening.

Despite all the innovations, the passion of Tango remains omnipresent:

Pulsating rhythms, razor-sharp accents and melancholy solos emphasize the corte, the characteristic pause of the couple between the step sequences, more than ever.

Besides jazz, the musical traditions of classical music, the shape of the baroque suite and the Opera were also included in Piazzolla's compositions.

Look forward to this fiery programme of the Berlin Residence Orchestra and listen to the seductive rhythms of Tango Nuevo.



From 05.07.
Concert 8 pm| Entry 7:30 pm
July: New Wing (White Hall) | August: Great Orangery

Ticket prices
Cat. A 39€ | Cat. B 29€ | Cat. C 19€



Vladi Corda (Violine)

Vladi Corda - Violin

The versatile musician discovered his love for the world of tones and sounds early. At the age of 8 he already composed his first piano piece.

Music lovers from around the world could experience the talented violin virtuoso and could be convinced of its colorful and passionate art of making music during more than 2.000 performances as concertmaster of the Berlin Residence Orchestra.